No Such Thing as a Lame Vacation Workout

Have you ever packed your running shoes and workout gear — only to ignore them completely while on vacation or a business trip?

Maybe you’ve done this a number of times — so many, in fact, that you’ve given up and have started leaving the workout gear at home.

Maybe you’ve told yourself that the running shoes are too bulky to fit in your suitcase.

Or too much of a hassle to wear to the airport, and then untie and re-tie at the TSA checkpoint.

Or maybe you’ve decided that your running shoes are too bulky to fit in your suitcase — and they’re too uncool to wear on the plane. They’d ruin the airport-chic look you’re trying to achieve.

Let me tell you something — the airport is hardly a high fashion runway. In fact, airports probably have the highest per-capita occurrence of fashion dont’s for any public setting.

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