Healthy Travel Tips

Last June, I had the privilege of attending the 2013 NBA Championship series, where my family and I helped cheer our favorite team (the Miami HEAT) — and our favorite coach (my brother, Erik) onto victory as back-to-back World Champions.

We ended up staying in a hotel for over three weeks, which meant a lot of time away from my regular routine. The workout classes I usually attend, homemade meals, my daily green smoothies, and a regular sleeping pattern — those were all on temporary hiatus. I was committed to staying healthy while on the road, though, so I lived on kale salad from the Whole Foods deli counter, drank plenty of water, and actually used the workout clothes I brought with me (here’s the post I wrote about it: 5 Road Tested Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight While Traveling). Of course, there were plenty of indulgences along the way, but taking my healthy habits with me on the road made a big difference in maintaining my weight and dodging colds.

For today’s post, I checked in with some of my favorite road warriors. Many of you travel for your work — or will be vacationing throughout the winter and on spring break. Here are some experts’ tried-and-true tips for staying healthy while away from the comforts and convenience of home.

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