Driving Under the Influence of Pancakes
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A strange thing happened to me last Saturday. Most weekends, my family goes out for brunch after spending the morning at the gym. Usually, brunch for me means a simple bowl with brown rice, veggies and lean protein. However, last weekend, we decided to make the trek to Slappycakes, a local breakfast mecca where each table features a built-in griddle for DIY pancakes. Sounds fun, right? In the past, I had bristled slightly when Slappycakes was suggested — the wait times are legendary (we did end up waiting about 45 minutes for a table). Aside from the anticipated wait time, though, I suppose I was protesting because I’ve figured out that pancakes aren’t really my thing. I have long suspected that I have a gluten sensitivity, and am also prone to high blood sugar issues. I know — I’m that person. Just the kind of person you want sitting with you at the make-your-own-pancakes place. Still, I wanted to be a a good sport — the kind of carefree, fun-loving mom who makes her kid’s day by agreeing to go to the famous pancak-ery. Plus, it was Cheat Day, and I figured I could live a little. More from Monica Spoelstra Metz