One of the most common remarks I hear during workshops and client meetings is:

“I know I should eat more vegetables — but I don’t.”

Or… “I know I shouldn’t admit this, but… I hate vegetables!”

Well guess what?

If this is you — you’re not alone!

I would say that people who love vegetables are definitely the minority here in the US. Our culture doesn’t exactly glorify vegetables or make it convenient for people to find fresh, deliciously prepared vegetables easily.

Hamburgers? We’ve got that covered — a joint on every block.

Twenty-ounce, sugary coffee drinks — ditto.

But what about roasted cauliflower or a goodies-filled salad with an amazing dressing — or a perfectly fried veggie tempura? Endangered species. Just try and find a healthy, delicious option on your evening commute home. I dare you. It’s tough. Even here in Portlandia.

I get why people hate vegetables. Because I used to be one of those people.

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