strawberry hemp smoothie

Smoothies for glowing skin. Sounds amazing, you’re thinking, but do they really exist?

Also… in the post-Botox era, why would we even need smoothies to help our skin look younger?

So for the record, I haven’t hopped on the Botox train. Yet. Or maybe never. Who knows? I’m conflicted!

I suppose the whole Botox thing has gotten better over the years, or at least people aren’t overdoing it as much as they used to. Back when Botox first came out, I’d consider it, but then I’d run into someone with that weird lift at the end of her eyebrows — or a frozen spot in the middle of her forehead — and I’d think, not for me. I didn’t want to look like a living Photoshop experiment.

But things are better now, right? I know tons of people who do Botox and they look great.

So why haven’t I gotten Botox yet?

It’s not a judgment thing. Because I totally get why people do it. I mean, it’s awesome when we look well rested and vibrant and, well, younger than we should.

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