Review: A Detox You Can Love. Really.
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Earlier this month, I was invited to serve as a beta tester* for Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet program. Using Dr. Hyman’s new book, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet, as a guide, the group followed a specific “real foods” diet, and eliminated modern day “drugs” such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Instead, we were encouraged to replace these toxins/indulgences with lifestyle habits that would help us relax, de-stress, and resolve our cravings and impulses for less healthy lifestyle choices.

If you’ve been following my work for awhile, you’ll know I’m a huge, HUGE fan of Dr. Hyman’s work. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and Dr. Hyman’s work has been instrumental in helping me get my health back on track. His New York Times bestselling books and online videos have also become a tremendous resource as I counsel clients on how to, as Dr. Hyman says, “take back their health” and discover cooking “real” food as a revolutionary act.

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