National Kale Day

Apart from kale’s impressive vitamin and mineral content, kale contains healing compounds in the pigments and cell structures of its leaves — over 45 different flavonoids, compounds that could potentially prevent cancer. In addition, it carries anti-inflammatory nutrients and glucosinolates (a sulfur compound that gives greens their bitter taste) — all of which have suppressed cancer in animal trials. Kale reduces risk for some types of cancer, including cancer of the bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate.

We actually do eat a lot of kale around my household. We like it shredded into a salad, baked up into a “chip,” and stirred into a soup. We also like it sautéed in a pan with some onion and garlic and red pepper flake, and maybe a splash of broth — then topped with a couple of poached eggs. So good, and so easy.

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