Coach Spoelstra
Category: Coach's Corner

Written by Barry Jackson

Erik Spoelstra addressed several issues in a season-opening news conference, but the Heat said he would not address anything regarding trade speculation about Minnesota’s Jimmy Butler, who has been linked to the Heat:

▪ Does Spoelstra believe this team, even with the same cast, can be better than last season? “We do. We believe in continuity. There are a lot of different ways to build teams. There is one team that’s figured it out. Golden State has figured it out. They have the template right now. Everybody else is trying to figure it out. Some think they have a better track than others. Figure it out. We think we have a unique group, a special group. [When] fully healthy, we have depth and talent that we like. We think we can be better than last year. We don’t care what anybody thinks about it.”

▪ On Dwyane Wade: “I am not going to call it a farewell tour because he doesn’t want it to be about that. Most pro athletes, unfortunately, do get to know when the end is. Or they’re the last ones to know. He has this incredible blessing to have that perspective and know where the finish line will be and have the perspective to make every day matter.

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