Monica Metz- Thai Chopped Salad

Today, we’re answering the important question of… how to make an amazing salad.

But first, let’s talk about the inspiration behind today’s post.

I mean, why?

Why is it so important to make an amazing salad? Isn’t simply eating your leafy greens enough?

Here’s the issue: I see you. You want to eat more salad — and you have been eating salads more regularly — yay!

You go to lunch and order a caesar salad because it seems like a safe option, and because every restaurant seems to have one. Or, you order a Cobb. And even though you feel good about eating more leafy greens, you’re thinking the bacon and blue cheese part isn’t really helping in the wellness department.

Or, you plunk down the same boxed-greens-and-grocery-store-dressing every night because you know you should be eating your veggies, but the whole thing just seems so, well… joyless.

Well, we’re about to fix all of that in today’s post. I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite new salads — a salad that’s sure to bust you out of your salad rut — the Thai Chopped Salad with a Ginger Lime Vinaigrette. And, along the way, we’ll talk about what it takes to make an amazing salad.

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