Introduce Your Kids to the Sugar Witch & Other Halloween Candy Tricks

Weeks after Halloween, you might be still be feeling the aftershocks of an epic night of trick-or-treating: leftover candy stashed under your kids’ beds, in your own treat drawer, in the break room at work, in the candy jar at the bank or dry cleaners.

All of this easy access to too much candy will continue for a few weeks until you wonder, “hey, how did I gain all this weight before the holidays?” Or, “how is it possible my kid has caught her fifth cold since school started?”

Today’s post is dedicated to Greg Bell (check out Greg’s Water the Bamboo® Center for Leadership when you get a chance), who asks:

“How can we put the smack down on sugar this Halloween?”

It’s an important question, and one I bet we all struggle with each year as Halloween’s influx of sugary treats leads into the holidays and a steady stream of cookies, fudge, candy canes, chocolate and other goodies.

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