Coach Spo

Written by Ira Winderman

The Miami Heat‘s process comes lower case.

Instead of years in the making, like The Process that had the Philadelphia 76erslanguishing at the bottom of the standings until this postseason breakthrough, the Heat take stock on a yearly basis of how the pieces in place can produce maximum results.

And then you get to the playoffs, where the adjustments come on a game-by-game basis. That now has coach Erik Spoelstra weighing how much to change as opposed to staying to what has gotten his team to this point.

“The playoffs require being who you are. You better have habits,” Spoelstra said after Monday’s shootaround at Temple University, in advance of Monday’s Game 2 against the 76ers at Wells Fargo Center. “But they also require doing things better, doing things to counteract whatever you’re facing. That’s not exclusive to our series or us or Philly. Everybody has to do that. That’s this time of the year.”

So while Spoelstra trusts his lower-case process, he appreciates that the playoffs also have you living in the moment.

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