Written by Manny Navarro

He’s 47, a father, and the winningest coach in Miami Heat history with a decade’s worth of head coaching experience now under his belt.

Erik Spoelstra, though, can’t switch his thirst for knowledge off.

So, he keeps studying and probing the minds of leaders every chance he gets. Thus was the case last month when he spent a day in Atlanta with Falcons coach Dan Quinn and billionaire investor Ray Dalio.

“I’ve visited quite a few people [this summer],” Spoelstra said with a smile Thursday as the Heat’s summer league team prepared to take on the Sacramento Kings in the final game of the California Classic.

“That’s the only one that got out [publicly]. So I’ll comment on that. I like visiting coaches and business people and leaders during the off-season just to continue to try to get better and get different perspectives. Dan Quinn is somebody that I met years ago when I visited Pete Carroll in Seattle. I think he runs a great program up in Atlanta. The way he does things and connects with players, the modern day athlete, the environment he creates and the culture that he cultivates are so noteworthy that I wanted to see it firsthand. I’ve been a great fan of his for a while.

“Then Ray Dalio is someone that I read. I read his book this year and ended up studying him for a little while after that. Dan is also fan of Ray Dalio and all the stars aligned and we were all able to meet at the same time. It was one of the more memorable days I’ve had in this profession.”

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