Sweet potatoes

Today we’re talking healthy meal prep with sweet potatoes — an approach I use almost every single week. But before we get into the how and why, I wanted to share a little story…

We moved to a new house over this past weekend, which was a complete circus. Definitely not my favorite experience, even though we had great movers (shout out Two Brothers). I mean, staying in the same house for more than a decade means that some serious (ahem) stuff can build up.

For me, moving was like an episode of Tidying Up with Marie: Kitchen Edition and I’m still a little embarrassed about it. As I write this post, my many boxes of cookbooks — and more than a few boxes of extra pots, pans and glassware — are sitting idly by in the basement, waiting to be unpacked. And wait a bit longer they will, because I wanted to get this post out to you in time for potential weekend meal prep.

So back to the sweet potatoes. They’re part of this whole moving story, too.

Here’s how: sweet potatoes were among the first items that I brought over to the house before moving day.

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