garlic and herbs

Healthy meal prep is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and I’m so excited to share today’s post with you!

I’m sure you know this already, but it’s worth repeating: eating food that has been prepared at home is far healthier and less expensive than dining out or relying on take-out.In fact, studies have shown that people who eat homemade food tend to eat less sugar, salt, and refined fat than people who routinely eat restaurant or take-out meals.

The fact that you’re reading this post tells me that you’re definitely interested in getting healthier, homemade meals on the table more consistently.

I mean, we all want to live a healthier lifestyle, right?

And we know that making healthy food at home would help us with our wellness goals such as maintaining a healthy weight, feeling better, and navigating health issues such as autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, joint pain, and other conditions in the body.

However… in spite of our best intentions, there’s a gap between our desire for a healthier lifestyle and actually getting healthy meals in our regular rotation. We tell ourselves it’s a lack of time — and that can be part of it — but there’s something else at play, too.

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