spo and nikki

Written by Paul Mata

It has been a remarkable journey for Erik Spoelstra as he enters his 11th season as head coach of the Miami Heat.

He was handed the head coaching reins back in April 2008 after working with the team in different capacities. He started out as video coordinator over the years, got promoted to assistant coach, and finally to lead the NBA franchise.

“I feel fortunate to be working for all the people especially (team owner) Mickey Arison and (team president) Pat Riley. Thankfully, they believe in loyalty and consistency,” Spoelstra said when Rappler caught up with him after the team’s shootaround, Tuesday, October 2 (Wednesday, October 3, Manila time).

“It’s very rare in pro sports, in all of the sports field, whether it’s the NFL, MLB, NBA or soccer. There is so much change and instability. And consistency has been one of the hallmarks of the organization.”

He shared that this off-season has been remarkably different one for him when he and his wife Nikki welcomed their son Santiago last March 25. He had to leave the team on a road trip last season to be there for the family event

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