Monica Metz
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Today’s post covers a common issue for us aspiring health nuts and clean-living junkies: smoothie burnout. It’s real, right?

For example, if you’re on Instagram, and you decide to follow something like #healthybreakfast, you’ll be bombarded with pictures of green smoothies and smoothie bowls. Bombarded! You might see the occasional chia pudding or avocado toast, but for the most part: smoothies!

Now, smoothies and smoothie bowls are — and can be — amazing.

But we don’t have to IV-drip green smoothies to be healthy, right?

Here’s the deal: sometimes, we just don’t feel like sipping and slurping our way through breakfast.

Maybe it’s because the weather’s cool, and an ice-cold smoothie doesn’t appeal.

Or, maybe we’ve had the same smoothie every day for the last six months, and now we just… can’t even.

Or, maybe we simply want to eat something for a change. You know, with our teeth. We want to chew our way to a satisfying breakfast.

So, when you find yourself dreading yet another day of smoothie, don’t fret!

I’ve got your smoothie burnout covered with a delicious new recipe: the Protein Breakfast Parfait with Muesli. 

Perfectly healthy, creamy, nutritionally balanced — and definitely not a smoothie!

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