Farro Salad

Today’s post is all about how to cook and use farro. You know, that trendy (albeit ancient) grain that’s turning up in fancy restaurant salads and dishes.

First, let’s start with a video from my latest healthy eating segment on More Good Day Oregon.

What is farro, anyway?

Farro is actually an ancient variety of wheat. I like using farro because it has a nutty flavor and chewy texture — and it contains less gluten than modern day strains of wheat.

However, it’s definitely NOT gluten free. So if you’re gluten sensitive, you could use short grain brown rice here instead of farro.

I’ve been using farro a lot lately — especially since my friend Cary turned me on to the 10-Minute Farro from Trader Joe’s. Now watch, as soon as this post is published, TJ’s will probably stop carrying this miracle ingredient.

Because that’s how it goes with Trader Joe’s, right? The last time I was there I think I bought 6 packages. Hoarder! I would have bought more, too, but I felt a little self-conscious about leaving the shelf bare. Silly me. I’m sure I’ll regret this at some point.

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