Cheat Day 2.0 — and Sunday Morning Granola
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Over the last few weeks, I’ve blogged about one of my favorite rituals — Cheat Day — as well as what can happen when we make ill-advised Cheat Day decisions.

Well, after my unpleasant experience of Driving Under the Influence of Pancakes, I decided to make a change.

When I took the time to sit down and really consider my past Cheat Days, I realized that 99% of my indulgences have involved bread of some kind — sometimes, a baguette and a good cheese or my beloved garlic bread, but more often, pizza. The salame pizza at Oven and Shaker. The roasted padron pepper pizza at Lucca. Even make-your-own pizza night in our own kitchen. When it comes to pizza, it’s all good to me.

In addition to pizza, I have another treasured weekend tradition involving bread.

Most Sunday mornings, my husband ventures out to pick up coffee for us at our local Peet’s. And sometimes, if I’m really lucky, he makes an extra stop at Grand Central for bolo rolls.

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