Beautiful Beans… and the Fear

Want to live longer?

Beans are associated with longevity. In a study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, legumes were the most important dietary predictor of survival in older people in Japan, Greece, Sweden, and Australia. In fact, the data showed a 8% reduction in risk of death for every 20 grams increase in daily legume intake.*

All this, and beans are naturally low in sodium.

And cheap!

I don’t know about you, but reviewing the receipt from my weekly trek to Whole Foods requires some serious de-stress/yoga breathing — and on some days, a stiff drink — but seeing that line item for beans always makes me smile. Two bucks and some change can make a hearty soup that will feed us for days!

Beans and legumes are among the healthiest foods we can have in our diet, yet a whopping 96% of Americans don’t even meet the USDA’s recommended amount of a half-cup of beans per day.

But why?

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