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As a young kid living in the Chicago area, and then Buffalo, NY, I deeply appreciated the special magic of hot chocolate on a cold, winter’s day.

Hot chocolate mix out of a packet was EVERYTHING on those days after we spent hours skating on a DIY rink at Evanston’s Baker Park, or digging out the driveway after the snowplows came barreling down our street in Buffalo.

I especially loved the marshmallows-added variety. I treasured how those mini morsels melted into the chocolate to create a creamy, rich blend.

Fast forward years later, and I’m sad to report that instant hot chocolate no longer holds the same appeal. Alas, the palate changes as we grow up — pixie sticks and candy corn get replaced with martinis and Kettle chips, I guess. However, my love for a super creamy, satisfying hot chocolate endures. And I bet yours does too.

Can hot chocolate really be guilt-free?

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