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The inspiration behind this special smoothie

Today I’m going to lay down one of my most powerful life hacks for weight loss and a healthy, happy, and balanced body.

It’s not a pill. Or a fancy herb concoction. It’s not a high-carb vs. low-carb thing, or a plea to get more protein into your diet.

My most powerful life hack — for diet, and most things really — is this: simplify.

Yes, simplify.

What do I mean by that?

Don’t try to have a different smoothie every morning.

And don’t aspire to surprise your palate at dinner every night. You know what I mean — Italian one night, Mexican the next, then stir-fry. This strikes me as a uniquely American thing that we do — trying to present the whole melting pot that is our country in a week of meals. I don’t think most of us actually cook this way, but I believe an unspoken expectation exists. And so, when we can’t meet that expectation — because, really, who can cook like that every night? — we bail and order take-out. It’s like our palates have ADD. Heaven forbid we have the same meal or flavors two nights in a row!

Lastly, don’t show up a restaurant and start bargaining with yourself: just order a salad. Throw in a cup of soup if you want, but don’t wander over to the sandwiches or tacos or pasta part of the menu, and try to figure out which of those dishes will be the healthiest. Or least “bad.” Because chances are those dishes will be full of unhealthy fat and salt and dairy and other ingredients that aren’t helpful for weight loss and healing. So, just order a damn salad and be done with it.

Bottom line, less is truly more.

Streamline your dietary pattern and figure out a few dishes or preparations that really work for you, and you’ll save yourself the overwhelm and stress — and extra weight — that can come from trying to reinvent your (culinary) self every day.

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