summer workout
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The good news: I went on two amazing trips this summer. So grateful!

Here’s the not-so-good news: I ate all the things. I drank all the things. I was away from my weekly workouts. So, over a period of about six weeks, I went off the rails a bit: pizza, pasta, gelato, aperol spritzes, airplane snack box Pringles. And a lot of fries-with-that behavior.

Some of this was intentional. Because I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to be squeaky clean while on vacation. Yes, I try to have a salad every day, and keep an eye out for juice bars or other healthy fare. And I try to get some form of movement most days, even if it’s a simple walk in the sun.

But mostly, vacation means vacation. And I enjoy taking a little break from my regular routine.

However, this summer we traveled more than usual. I was away from my healthiest habits for a longer period of time.

And now, my body’s pretty unhappy about it: extra weight around the middle, bloating, my digestion off. My belly strains against my workout top, my waistband feels tight.

I also feel sluggish, a gravity that feels different than simply coming back to Pacific time.

Bottom line: I’m uncomfortable in my body.

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