Monica Metz
Category: Health & Fitness

Craving something sweet? Try this 4-ingredient recipe for my family’s current favorite dessert: Double Chocolate Banana Nice Cream.

First, let’s talk about the inspiration behind this recipe.

For starters, I wanted to make a healthy treat that our 10-year old son would like. And not just in a saying-you-like-it-to-be-nice kind of way, like the way I used to feel about my dad’s wheat germ and lecithin-laced health shakes when I was growing up. No — I wanted legit LIKE. As in, can we have this every night, mommy?

I also wanted to offer an easy, but delicious, dairy-free treat for my private clients, and the people who sign up for my Camp Kale group program. So many of my clients are sensitive to dairy — either they’re lactose-intolerant, or they can’t process casein, the protein found in milk and milk products.

How do you know if you’re sensitive to dairy?

You may be wondering… how can we tell if we’re sensitive to dairy? The symptoms range from acne breakouts and eczema, to bloating and poor digestion. Often, people experience the most obvious symptoms after they have ice cream: instant tummy ache. If you want to take a deeper dive into dairy sensitivity, check out my post here. 

Here’s the weird thing about dairy sensitivity — it can come on as we get older. As with many things we could get away with when we were younger — eating pizza every day, partying without hangovers, losing our vacation weight after two stints on the stairmaster — dairy can become one of those things that simply doesn’t work for us anymore.

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