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I often ask people this simple question: what is the biggest obstacle or challenge that stands between you and a healthier lifestyle?

Guess what the #1 answer is?

Hands down: time. Or lack of time, to be exact.

People might express this in different ways, such as:

I don’t prep my meals or snacks ahead of time.

Working long hours.

No time to fit in workouts.

I’m a single mom raising two kids.

Does any of this sound familiar?

This issue is near and dear to my heart, this concept of our culture’s disappearing time.

I’ve even written about it before, in “Is Dinnertime a Downer?” In that post, I cover how our modern culture’s default setting of chronic sleep deprivation, longer work hours, and constant monitoring of social media and email can leave us feeling like our lives are fragmented, overly busy, exhausting, and often unsatisfying.

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