Miso Soup
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Let’s face it.

It’s not like you’re never going to eat pizza again.

And it’s not like I’m never going to eat a single french fry ever again.

Sure, we aim to eat a lot less of that stuff, and certainly less frequently. But sometimes pizza happens. And beer and wine. And salted caramel.

And it usually happens on a weekend, right?

Maybe you plan on taking one innocent little cheat day — or a cheat meal for that matter— and then the next thing you know, that little cheat snowballs into a lost weekend filled with unhealthy choices.

So what do we do after a lost weekend?

For starters, we nip things in the bud come Monday. We get centered and focused, and keep that lost weekend from becoming a lost week… or weeks… or months.

Here’s one of my favorite practices for making healthier habits happen in the real world.

I like to call it Make-Good Monday. And the beauty of this practice is that you can make it happen any day of the week.

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