monica metz
Category: Health & Fitness

I see you.

You’re trying to tap the brakes on an indulgent summer full of parties, barbecues, vacation, or lazy rosé-all-day weekends.

Sure, there’s still some summer left — and you’re going to enjoy yourself.

But you also have an eye on fall, and getting back to your healthier habits once summer party season is officially over.

So here’s what we’re going to do…

One of the best ways to start feeling better — and reduce bloating — is to avoid dairy, either by eliminating it completely or making it only an occasional thing. Such as once a week.

Most of my clients feel much better once they ditch the dairy. Their skin clears up, and their belly starts to feel flatter. In addition, eliminating dairy can reduce risk for prostate, ovarian, and breast cancer — always a good thing!

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