blackberry freeze pop
Category: Health & Fitness

I’m grateful for frozen blackberries. I really am — they’re great in smoothies and smoothie bowls. No problem. Perfectly palatable.

And the hothouse blackberries you can get year round?

Not bad. They lend color and variety to a midwinter bowl of fruit. A little tart for my taste, but better than 6 months of nothing but apples and pears.

But then summer rolls in with its fresh blackberries (and marionberries), and I remember. Dayum! Blackberries! With an exclamation point because they literally TASTE LIKE CANDY.

When berry season hits, I want to buy flat after flat from the farmers market, but then I realize. Oh yeah. I don’t make jams or jellies. I don’t “put things up” like Laura Ingalls, as much as I daydream about it being a fancy urban homesteader. After coming home with mountains of berries, I get real: what will I do with all these berries?

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