monica metz
Category: Health & Fitness

It was hard to feel sexy in my tankini.

A trio of young Australian women had just set up their towels nearby, and now they had their phones out. Wiggle. Pose. Click. Just another perfect Boomerang of a 20-something, suns-out-buns-out, hasn’t-had-kids kind of body. These were the kind of girls who would show up adorning the beautiful sea views on Instagram’s top results for #croatia, #hvar, #adriatic.

I tried to ignore the girls, tried not to compare. Instead, I tried to focus on the stunning blue-green of the Adriatic, where my husband was snorkeling with our son and his friend.

I’ll try gratitude, I thought. That always makes me feel better. So I tried conjuring gratitude for the Things That Really Matter: my health, a strong body, the belly that nourished and birthed our miracle son. Because of course, we all know life’s all about the Things That Really Matter. But it’s hard to be grateful for all that when you’re having a “moment” at the beach!

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