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A successful short-term detox — for example, 3-7 days — has the same requirements as a longer detox: advance planning.

Most people tend to wing it when it comes to a clean living bender: they shop for produce and other healthy stuff on Sunday night, or buy a six-pack of juices on Monday — and then hope for the best.

As you can imagine, this isn’t really setting yourself up for success. This approach doesn’t take other important factors into consideration, such as:

When will you prepare your healthy meals?
What will you do when you have to work late or go to a social function?
When will you work out?
What happens at night, when you can’t stop thinking about the chocolate or caramels in your stash drawer?
And what about all that wine just sitting there, staring you in the face, ready to be enjoyed?
There’s an art and a science to a successful DIY detox, and it can definitely be pulled off with some mindfulness, focus, and advance planning.

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