Coach Spo
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Written by Barry Jackson

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra addressed several issues in his media day press conference on Monday, with the Heat noting that he could not discuss Dwyane Wade much because his Bulls buyout is not complete:

• On having his team back together: “This is ultimately what everybody wanted. It is a business. We understand that. Which team was it? 11-30 [the first half record]? 30-11 [the second half record]. Somewhere in between? Who knows.

“Our guys are excited about tomorrow [training camp starts Tuesday in Boca Raton]. Our guys are in tremendous shape. You know how I feel about this team. Ultimately, you have to compete for it. Our guys are crazy enough to think we’re good enough to get the job done.”

• On Wade leaving Chicago: “There has been so much movement this summer, this offseason. I don’t know 105 players is record movement. It didn’t surprise me. Everybody knows how I feel about Dwyane, what my relationship is with Dwyane. I love Dwyane. He’s a brother of mine, a brother to all of this organization. My focus is on this group. That’s not even official. It can’t be a thought of mine. Ultimately, that will be a decision of Pat [Riley] and Andy [Elisburg] if it becomes a decision.”

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