Healthier sweet treats. Is there such a thing?

Why yes! This week’s video covers my recipe for Cranberry Coconut Bliss Bites, my latest healthier sweet treat. To see me make this recipe step by step on More Good Day Oregon (Fox-12 Oregon), please click on the video graphic below.

Let’s talk about snacks, today, shall we?

Healthy snacks — and healthier sweet treats — that is.

Clients are often asking me: is a KIND bar better than a CLIF bar?

Or, are gluten free crackers better than regular crackers?

So here’s the deal: homemade snacks are the way to go.

And they don’t even have to be “made,” right? I believe super simple snacks such as a few apple slices — or a handful of berries — are truly the best. Fresh fruit is hydrating, and full of antioxidants to heal and balance the body. Plus, fresh fruit is full of fiber to counterbalance the natural sugars — and prevent a sugar spike. And lastly, the fiber will help keep your digestive system happy.

However, sometimes you need more than a few apple slices or some berries.

Let’s say you’re headed out for a long, hard workout. Or you just finished one.

Or, let’s say you’re looking for something more substantial for your kiddo’s lunchbox.

That’s where energy bites can come in handy.

They’re extremely simple to make — no baking required. And, they’re very portable — easy to tuck into your gym bag for pre- or post-workout energy.

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