Coach Spo & Wade
Category: Coach's Corner

Written by Ira Winderman

The trial separation worked for neither party, Dwyane Wade‘s unique skill set muted in the shadows of Jimmy ButlerLeBron James and Kevin Love during the intervening 19 months, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra left without an undeniable force to embrace when all otherwise was chaotic.

For better, for worse during this already harrowing ride through the playoff race, they’re now back together, a couple again, for richer (nights such as Monday’s rout of the Suns), for poorer (Tuesday’s crushing overtime loss in Washington).

“We’ve been through everything — as a coach and player, as an assistant coach and a player, as a young coach and a player — all of that,” Spoelstra said of the relationship 13 years in the making until Wade’s July 2016 free-agency departure, now renewed at the Feb. 8 trading deadline. “I wouldn’t necessarily compare it to a marriage. It’s a working friendship and relationship.”

Or . . . a marriage.