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Earlier this week, I sent out a link for my special freebie, 5 Reboot Recipes for a Healthier New Year. Here’s the link if you want to check out the PDF. 

Also this week, I opened early registration for Camp Kale, my online nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching program. If you need some extra support for putting your health-related intentions into action this year, this is the program for you!

All the fun starts Sunday, January 14 — and if you register by Saturday night, you’ll get an extra week of support starting this Monday, January 8.

What the heck is Camp Kale?

If you’re unfamiliar with Camp Kale, here’s how it works: it’s a 21-day program where I provide nutrition guidance, meal planning tips, recipes, individual coaching, and other support for helping you transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Along the way, I cover which foods and lifestyle practices can help you achieve positive results such as managing a healthy weight, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, improving digestion, diminishing belly bloat, improving inflammation in the body, maintaining healthy skin, improving focus and energy, and reducing risk for serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

We’ll also cover which foods can create inflammation in the body, mess with your hormones, exacerbate thyroid issues, inhibit weight loss, disrupt skin health, cause fatigue and brain “fog,” and increase your risk for serious diseases.

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