Monica Metz
Category: Health & Fitness

Confession: the holiday season totally snuck up on me this year.

I started out strong, but then I left town to visit family, and my best intentions took a back seat.

Big time.

From one holiday party to the next, I forgot how many “tastes” of indulgent food I was having, how quickly these detours from my regular routine became habit, and how rare a virtuous day of green smoothies and salad and no booze could become.

But January’s here — just in time! — to snap me out of party trance and bring pleasures of a less hedonistic nature.

I’m back to listening to my body’s cravings for a green smoothie, a big Mediterranean salad, and a simple yet satisfying bean soup for dinner.

This holiday season was exceptionally indulgent for me, and I’m thinking that maybe it was for you too.

So let’s leave all that behind us — no need to beat ourselves up about it, right? — and get back to our healthier habits.

I’m thinking: my regular workouts and some walks out in the fresh air, ample sleep, and, of course, healthy and delicious food on the table.


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